Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lolly Machine

My hubby dropped into a local garage sale last weekend to pick up some gym equipment. I was very impressed when he returned home with this cute $10 purchase - an adorable old fashion lolly machine!
I have decided for now to keep it on our hallway table because I think that the injection of colour was needed here, plus my daughter does not seem to be reminded of the sweets so often with it in the hallway as she doe not often go down this way of the house!
The lolly machine requires 5 cent coins to work so as you can imagine my daughter is now collecting 5 cent coins!

What is your favourite garage sale purchase?

Fi xx

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gorgeous Top

My mum has recently returned from a holiday in Europe and she brought back with her this gorgeous little top from Hungary for my daughter. I just love this cute photo that I took yesterday - my little girl looks so happy - I wanted to share her happiness!

I love this top. Thanks Mum. My daughter calls it the "food top" know because it is from Hungry. How cute!

Also, how amazing is daughter and I were at the shops recently and a woman stopped us and asked if my daughter's top was from Hungary. The woman explained that she could tell it was from Hungary due to embroidery. How amazing!!
Fi xx

An Inspiring and Beautiful Blog

Some of you may have been following Niki's My Scandinavian Home blog for a while but I have only recently discovered it....and I love it! I love the beautiful and inspiring images of homes from all over the world. The images are of homes where you can imagine real people living - just like the pretty image below.

Image via My Scandinavian Home
& Photography by Janis of Pine Cone Camp
If you are looking for some inspiring interior images - or if you just love a good old sticky beak into the homes of people from all over the world - head on over to this gorgeous blog.

Has anyone discovered any inspiring blogs lately? Pretty please with sugar ...and a cherry on top - share your inspiring blogs with me.

Fi xx

Outdoor Lounge

I'm back! I've been so busy at home and work over the last few weeks and I have missed updating my little blog.

A few weekends ago we finally found an outdoor lounge setting for our undercover alfresco area. We have been looking around for something to fit the space for a while now. The outdoor area now looks complete....rather than as if we have just moved in!

You can see my newly painted neon pink chair above. This colour makes me smile. Thanks hubby for painting it for me. 

I ordered the above cushion from Pony Rider. The cushion matches the colour of the outdoor setting perfectly and the water melon high lights on the cushion look awesome along side my neon pink chair!

Has anyone else fallen in love with the neon trend at the moment?

Fi xx