Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cute Bunting Necklace

I was very excited to receive my cute new necklace from Etsy the other day. If you have read my blog before - you will know that I love buntings (flags). So, you can imagine my delight when one night while I was browsing through some etsy shops I stumbled across this adorable necklace.

This cute necklace is from Petite Deer's (Adictaaloscomplementos) Esty Shop. Shop owner Noelia also has the above necklace in a love heart garland. So sweet!
Add captionImage via Petite Deer Etsy Shop

Image via Petite Deer Etsy Shop
In Noelia's words - I think that these pretty necklaces capture the spirit of fete's, carnivals and love. So true!
Fi xx

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cute Babushka Salt 'n Pepper Shakers

I get very excited when I spot something really, really cute. You know what I mean - when you find something that you really like - but don't actually need. Well...I did it the other day - well in fact my daughter helped me. I was browsing through my favourite store Typo and my daughter was ahead of me. She was picking things up and bringing them to me to show off her finds. On her third trip back to me she had these cute little salt and pepper shakers. She was very chuffed with herself when I explained that they could stay in our basket. 

The teapot is from Sportsgirl. I don't think they stock it anymore. It was part of their Christmas gifts 2011 range. But, Sportsgirl have had a huge response to their gift line over the last Christmas period - so much so that they now have a permanent gift section on their online shop - under their accessories tab. Check it out here.

The cool spotty plate is by French Bull and can be purchased online from Shop Until. If you get a chance - check out the French Bull website. There is an amazing range of products and colour available for inspiration.

Fi xx

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dressed Up Ipad

My hubby and my parents bought me an ipad for my birthday!!! Thanks guys! I love my new ipad. I use it at work, I read it like it is a book before I fall asleep at night and my daughter loves to play with some great (free) jigsaw puzzle apps. Anyway, I have just 'pimped up' my ipad with these gorgeous mini stickers from Love Mae.
I adore these little fabric stickers (I have stickers on the back of the ipad too).
Image via Love Mae
And....if you haven't already noticed...yes - I am a huge fan of Love Mae!

Fi xx

Hanging Out at Home

I love nothing more than just chilling out at home after a busy week at work. Last weekend while I was hanging out at home I made some water melon sorbet (for the first time). My daughter and her friends agreed that it tasted yummy. All I did was blend frozen water melon, one egg white and some icing sugar until I had the right consistency and flavour.
After a bowl of sorbet the kids retreated out to the cubby house to play shops. So cute!

I recently picked up this cute mushroom stool from Thingz.

The kids just love playing shops in this cubby house and they get so excited when a 'grown up' visits their store to buy something.

Fi xx

Wow! Cool Cushion!

How cool is this new cushion by Blacklist Studio Prints!!! Hmmmm....I think this is another one to add to my wish list!
Image via
Blacklist Studio Prints
Online Shop
Have you spotted any cool finds lately that you could share with me? I love looking (drooling) over cool new finds!
Fi xx

Time for a 'Big Kids Bed'

Our little girl has just moved into a 'big kid bed'. I can't believe how quickly time flies. Here is a picture of our little girl lounging around on her cot - which we have for now converted into an outdoor lounge.
I just couldn't bring myself to give the cot away just for the time being we have a little lounge on our back decking.

I took these photos last weekend when the weather was just amazing! We have been working on our outdoor area for a while now and we are finally adding some greenery to our outdoor space.

I love succulents!!!!
Anyway, our little girl no longer sleeps in a 'little person bed'. I have found the cutest doona cover for her 'big kids bed' from Love Mae. Check it out.
Image via Love Mae
The doona cover (Scales Duvet Cover - Chasing Dragons) looks very boyish in this image but our little girl has a red theme going on in her room so this cover suits much better than the more girl cover below.
Image via Love Mae
I'll share some pics of our little girls room with her new bed (thanks to my cousin) and doona cover - after we have done a little tidy up!!
Fi xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drawing Room

Here is a cute picture of my little girl with one of her friends in her new drawing room. Apologies for not getting around to  I "styling up" the room before taking the photo.
We still need to do a little bit to the room - we need some more storage for toys - but at least the room is functional now. Kids love this little room and it is pretty easy to keep clean! The vintage style world map in the background is from Blacklist Studio (The Places We'll Go). If you get a chance - check out the Blacklist Studio's website. Make sure you have your volume working as there is an awesome video which starts playing when you open up the page.
Image Via Blacklist Studio
The sweet little children prints on the Ikea picture ledge are from I Need Nice Things.

I hope that you had a relaxing weekend.
Fi xx

Bright Accessories

I have recently read an article about how the current bright and colourful fashion trends are influencing interior trends. I know that it sounds pretty obvious but I had not actually realised this! Well - you know that I have a bit of a thing for pops of bright colours at the moment (especially pink) - no wonder. Check out the shots below.

Bright colours make me feel happy!
Fi xx

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pops of Bright Colours

Anyone who has ever seen my house will know that I have had a pastel pink / blue colour scheme going for a while now but I think I am slowly changing things up by introducing pops of stronger colour. I have just purchased some awesome velvet cushions from Castle. I can't wait for them to arrive. I love the little bit of excitement that comes from having an online order arrive in a nice little parcel at your front door (I am a big kid like that).
Image via Castle
The bright, happy colours in the image above just make me feel happy. How about you? I have ordered a pink, green and grey penny round cushion (pink one pictured above).

Sorry hubby. More pink!!
Fi xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Circus Party

Finally - here are some photos from my daughter's circus party. 

The photo above is of the cute circus treat van. This is a van that my hubby uses for work and it was his idea to convert it into a cute treat van for the party. Great idea hubby! The kids loved lining up for treats that included fairy floss and pop corn.
We set up some side show alley style games including this "throw the ball into the empty planter box" game. Here is our little birthday girl probably standing a little too close to the box - but hey - it's her party.
You can't have a circus party without a clown - you can see my sister in the background dressed up as a very cool clown! The highlight of the party, according to most three year old guests, was the magic show (with my dad as the magician). Well done dad! In case anyone has spotted the broken brick - this was part of the magic show.
Here is the apple bobbing game. I wasn't sure if the kids would get into this game but they loved it. They even wanted to eat their apples!
I had this dress up box set up outside for kids to play with. This was a very last minute idea but I am so glad that I put the dress up box together. The kids loved it and they seemed to enjoy rummaging through the box and trying the dress up items on. Thanks to my dad for finding me the very cool old suitcase. I printed the sign off at home using a font that I downloaded for free. The font is JF Ringmaster.
I nearly didn't have this photo. I was too busy at the party to think about taking photos. I found this photo on my camera - so thank you to a very considerate friend for taking this photo for me! Anyway -lots of yummy treats for the kids (and big kids). The kids loved scooping these treats out and into little treat bags that were sitting close by. The sweet Candy Buffet sign is from Inviting Printables Etsy Shop.
This was also another last minute idea - "Guess How Many" game. I am glad that I had this game as the adults also participated. The  prize was of course the jar of jelly beans. The cute little Yummy food tag (and the lolly tags above) were from Paper Mints Printables Etsy shop.
I made these cute clown nose biscuits - inspired by star/wand biscuits by Donna Hay. I loved watching the kids play with these biscuits.

I set up a little photo props station for people to take photos of themselves with my camera using some of the photo props that I had made. Here is a photo of my silly brother-in-law. He is such a crack up!

It was such a great birthday party. A lot of work - but definitely worth it!
Fi xx

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!
Easter bunting via Sweetly Scrapped Art
Wow! It has been a busy morning but we have all had soooo much fun. I love using buntings around the house for decorations and the bunting above I found on a great blog - Sweetly Scrapped Art.It was so easy to make and I think it looks so sweet here hanging on our little kitchen cupboard.
Here are some photos of the little ears that I downloaded last night for free from Ellinee Design House. I wasn't sure if the kids would like them very much but all the kids wore them proudly....even the boys! Better still...I had help from the neighbours kids last night to cut them all out. Bonus!
Here are the kids in our street (including my daughter - in stripes)searching for easter eggs with their cute little easter bunny ears.
I organised these cute little easter egg baskets last night - also with help from some of the local kids. Thanks kids! I already had the little white noodle boxes (from Red Dot) so all I had to do was download some of the easter bunny foot prints from the the creative team at Love Mae, cut them out and glue them on. Too easy!

Thanks to the help of my daughter and the local kids I completed the little easter egg baskets rather quickly so rather than throw out the left over cut out foot prints we stuck them on these pretty blue paper cups that I already had from Ikea (left over from my daughter's birthday party earlier this year)
As the kids were busy cutting and glueing the cups and bunny ears I got busy and cut out these easter flags from ellinee and stuck them on these sweet paper straws which were also left over from my daughter's birthday party. The straws were bought from Hey YoYo.
I love this photo of my little girl looking for easter eggs left by the easter bunny. She looks so serious! I am very impressed that she kept her bunny ears on! 

Thank you to all the clever and amazing people who kindly made their awesome Easter decorations available online for free! Thank you!!!

I really love how Easter brings family and friends together. I hope that you had a fun and creative Easter too! 
Fi xx

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pimped Up Scooter

My daughter spotted a cute little scooter in a recent catalogue and explained to me and hubby that she just had to have it. Rather than buy the brand new scooter my hubby picked up some great handle bar streamers, a pretty little basket and some pink paint from our local bike shop - to pimp up our little girl's plain and dull scooter. After about one hour of work in his shed our daughter had a very cute new ride. 
This pose was all "Miss 3 Year Old" -
Not my doing!

So pink and pretty for a fraction of the price. Well done hubby!

I just love this image which a snapped yesterday as we were heading home from the park after a morning of riding a very pink and pretty scooter.
Now I better stop procrastinating and start getting all our easter treats ready for our easter egg hunt tomorrow. Happy Easter!
Fi xx

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Cakes Make Me Smile

Happy birthday to me. I had a lovely birthday over the weekend. I ate lots of yummy cakes. I just had to share an image of a gorgeous pink cake that my friend baked for me. Thanks Sharnie! 
My hubby also baked a boiled chocolate cake for me using his mum's family recipe. It is a delicious cake so if I get permission to share it I will definitely post the recipe on this blog.

The cute mini bunting is from Lil Blue Boo. You too can download this cute happy birthday mini bunting by clicking here. I just love this little cake topper. It is sooooo cute!

I also baked a yummy banana bread loaf and added a cute moustache prop to the top of the loaf to inject a bit of birthday fun into the healthy cake.

Check out this cute pic of my little niece Eva trying to sneak a piece of cake. I love that you can see that she is up on her tip toes and reaching as far as she can! There is a lot of determination evident in this pic - especially given that she is not walking yet but can still reach up this far for cake! Bless her!

After everyone in my family ate way too much cake we retreated to the pool area where I snapped this very cute pic of my hubby. Thanks for the yummy cake hubby!
Fi xx