Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cute Bunting Necklace

I was very excited to receive my cute new necklace from Etsy the other day. If you have read my blog before - you will know that I love buntings (flags). So, you can imagine my delight when one night while I was browsing through some etsy shops I stumbled across this adorable necklace.

This cute necklace is from Petite Deer's (Adictaaloscomplementos) Esty Shop. Shop owner Noelia also has the above necklace in a love heart garland. So sweet!
Add captionImage via Petite Deer Etsy Shop

Image via Petite Deer Etsy Shop
In Noelia's words - I think that these pretty necklaces capture the spirit of fete's, carnivals and love. So true!
Fi xx


  1. Is so nice!!!
    Noelia´s work is amazing :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Queenland. I wore Noelia's cute necklace to work the other day - and every time I looked at the necklace - I smiled!


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