Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Cakes Make Me Smile

Happy birthday to me. I had a lovely birthday over the weekend. I ate lots of yummy cakes. I just had to share an image of a gorgeous pink cake that my friend baked for me. Thanks Sharnie! 
My hubby also baked a boiled chocolate cake for me using his mum's family recipe. It is a delicious cake so if I get permission to share it I will definitely post the recipe on this blog.

The cute mini bunting is from Lil Blue Boo. You too can download this cute happy birthday mini bunting by clicking here. I just love this little cake topper. It is sooooo cute!

I also baked a yummy banana bread loaf and added a cute moustache prop to the top of the loaf to inject a bit of birthday fun into the healthy cake.

Check out this cute pic of my little niece Eva trying to sneak a piece of cake. I love that you can see that she is up on her tip toes and reaching as far as she can! There is a lot of determination evident in this pic - especially given that she is not walking yet but can still reach up this far for cake! Bless her!

After everyone in my family ate way too much cake we retreated to the pool area where I snapped this very cute pic of my hubby. Thanks for the yummy cake hubby!
Fi xx

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