Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cute Babushka Salt 'n Pepper Shakers

I get very excited when I spot something really, really cute. You know what I mean - when you find something that you really like - but don't actually need. Well...I did it the other day - well in fact my daughter helped me. I was browsing through my favourite store Typo and my daughter was ahead of me. She was picking things up and bringing them to me to show off her finds. On her third trip back to me she had these cute little salt and pepper shakers. She was very chuffed with herself when I explained that they could stay in our basket. 

The teapot is from Sportsgirl. I don't think they stock it anymore. It was part of their Christmas gifts 2011 range. But, Sportsgirl have had a huge response to their gift line over the last Christmas period - so much so that they now have a permanent gift section on their online shop - under their accessories tab. Check it out here.

The cool spotty plate is by French Bull and can be purchased online from Shop Until. If you get a chance - check out the French Bull website. There is an amazing range of products and colour available for inspiration.

Fi xx

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