Sunday, January 27, 2013

Favorite Things Theme Party

Hello! I have been missing in action lately. Sorry. I have been busy with work, Christmas, work and with my daughter's fourth birthday. 
Happy Birthday Sweetie!
I have included a few little pictures of my dad's Magic Show which he performed for all of the little (and big) guests at the party. The theme of the party was 'favourite' things. I asked my daughter what she would like at her party and she requested 'magic tricks from Grandad'. Poor dad was feeling a bit of pressure to perform as his magic tricks were limited to the simple thumb trick!
Grandad performs the trusty 'thumb trick'.
My daughter and the other children thought that Grandad's magic show was great. My daughter was even able to perform a trick from her magic trick box she received from Nanny for Christmas. 

By the way, the silly hat and jacket that Grandad is wearing was part of a magic trick where he was able to make his hat know...magically!

I love the concept of a 'Favourite Things' themed party. I enjoyed working out with my daughter what all of her favourite things were - from food to party games. She even chose her favourite toy to put on top of her cake. A My Little Pony of course!

Fi xx