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I have always loved pretty things around the house. I remember when I was about the age of ten I would flick through the Ikea magazine and circle items which I would buy for my own home when I became a "grown up". This is funny because I still get really excited when the new Ikea booklet is delivered to my letter box!
This is definitely not my usual look.
The make up and straight hair are
thanks to a night at the Theatre
I love decorating my own home now that I am a "grown up". My friends have often suggested that I share some of my ideas - and this is the idea behind my blog. The Pink and Pretty Blog.

I live in a gorgeous suburb down under next to the ocean where there are lots of friendly neighbours and children who play with my daughter. We built our house a few years ago and we have really enjoyed the whole process - particularly the decorating! 

I work as a trainer (assisting people with interview techniques, job search and job application skills) at an amazing not for profit organisation that assists people with various barriers into employment. I love my job! I am able to be creative with my training techniques but at the same time utilise my background and education in Social Sciences.

In my spare time I like to hang at home with my hubby, daughter and my little tabby cat! We all love to play out the back in Sophie's cute cubby house, plan and implement little projects around the house, drink yummy coffee (my daughter sticks to milo)and swim in our small lap pool.

I enjoy having people visit my home - to feel welcomed and at home. The more the merrier!

I hope that you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

Fi xx

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  1. Hi Have heard that you acquired a pink toychest. Would love to see


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