Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's getting cooler

It's getting cooler in my neck of the woods. Hello yummy comfort foods (healthy of course). I cooked a great vegetarian risotto last night. 

It got me I actually change any of the home decor of my house with the cooler months? I change my food (a bit) - how about my house?
Image via Blanaid
This dining rooms looks lovely and warm with the sheep's skin on the chairs and the hide rug on the floor. I love this look but my little girl would have those lovely sheep's skins looking less than white in no time at all!
Fi xx

Pink Kitchen

Yay! My boss has just confirmed that we are getting a new kitchen at work. I am very excited about this....I wonder if we could get pink kitchen cabinets? Probably not. But - how pretty are the cabinets in this kitchen? This image is from a very cool website called Ikea Family Live. All images below are from this same website.
Maybe we could just get a pink fridge?? Hmmm...probably not.
This website is full of inspiration, ideas and design for your home. I love this website as it illustrates how you can use Ikea items in your home in a way that reflects a personal sense of style.

I am sure you'll also love this website. It has heaps of great images and reinforces to me that Ikea items can look so great in a home (without looking like everything has been bought from the same store).

Fi xx

Dreaming of Weekends Away

I've recently returned from a weekend away and I spotted a very cool resort. My family and I were strolling long the beach and came across the entrance to this great place - Aqua Resort. All images below are via Aqua Resort.
How awesome does this private plunge pool look!A glass of champagne, some nice tunes.....hmmmm.
This room looks rather cosy and comfy. Not the usual type of weekend away interior decor that I am used to seeing.
This is the communal swimming pool. I think it looks very trendy!!

Maybe a bit out of my budget but it is not as expensive as I thought  it would be. Well done Aqua Resort - it is great to see a fresh and modern design in holiday accommodation!
Fi xx

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Easter Bunny is Coming Soon

I have mentioned my love for the online Love Mae shop in a previous post - but Love Mae have out down themselves again with these very cute eater bunny footprints which are free to download on their blog the Studio of Mae
Image via the Studio of Mae

I am simply going to print them out (I might laminate them), cut them out and then stick them to our indoor floors and our decking outside with some blu-tak. My little girl will be delighted to follow these easter bunny footprints - collecting little chocolate treats along the way! Soooooo cute!!

Easter is going to be fun!!!
Fi xx

Monday, March 26, 2012

Very Pretty Wallpaper

I have thought about using wallpaper in my home but I don't think I would ever  be brave enough to do it. If I ever did use some wallpaper in my home this is definitely the wallpaper I would use. Check out this sweet wallpaper by Studio Ditte and it is now available for online purchase from Lark.
I love pretty plates on the wall. I understand that this has gone out of vogue a bit but I still love how sweet pretty  plates look on a wall. I have some on the wall in my kitchen. I will get some pictures of them next time my kitchen is looking neat and tidy.

All of the above images are from Lark (I love this shop!!!). Check out the other styles of Studio Ditte wallpaper designs which are now available online from Lark. So cute!!
Fi xx

Pink and Pretty Things

I have just come across some really cool pink and pretty things that I just had to share! Check out this cool poster by RK Design.
I am sure that this print is not everyone's cup of tea but I think that it is fun and quirky. I also really love the shade of pink which has been used...and if you have read any of my other posts - I am sort of into moustaches at the moment (not sure why - just think they are fun).

RK Design has been created by Rikka Kantinkoski who is a Finnish photographer and designer. Rikka has a very cool and unique range of funky and pretty homewares, artworks and jewellery - and she ships worldwide from Finland. Yay!

These porcelain diamond pendants are sold separately but also look great in a cluster. These porcelain diamonds are handmade in Finland and designed by Tero Kuitunen.
Rikka also has a blog (Weekday Carnival) which has some very inspiring and pretty images and is definitely worth checking out. Here is a small sample of some of the great images you will find on the Weekday Carnival blog.
Image via Weekday Carnival
The artwork looks so fresh and interesting arranged like this. I love the pops of colour amongst the white backdrop and frames. I want, I want, I want!

Image via Weekday Carnival
Check out the wall hooks on the left side of the image above. These are similar to the wall hooks which I mentioned in my last post. How uncanny! 
Image via Weekday Carnival
This room looks great! I am sure my little girl would be smitten with a room like this one.
Fi xx

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Coat Hooks

I was flicking through the latest edition of the Home Beautiful (Australia) magazine this morning and I came across a cool product which I have not seen before. 
Image via Top 3 by Design
These are called Ohooks (designed by uldall for Helogo) and can be purchased online from Top 3 by Design. The mixed colour set contains one hook each in pink, green, yellow, blue, white and black. The hooks also come in a white set, black set and a natural finish set.
Image via Aptos Cruz Galleries
I think that these hooks would look really cool in a hallway, a kids room or even for a funky look in an office. Hmmm...I think I'll add these to my ever growing wish list! Also, you could make a similar style yourself using some little drawer knobs and painting them in some bright or pastels colours.

My little girl has a replica eames hang it all in her bedroom (similar style to the Ohooks). It adds a burst of colour to her room and is very practical for hanging her bags and hats on (I'll just have to work on encouraging her to actually hang her things on it - rather than leaving them on the floor!). The picture below is not of my daughter's room....I wish! I was going to take a picture of her room but then I'd have to tidy it up first! The image below shows the eames hang it all  - times three. 
Image via More
Image via Lerche Design
Image via Design Per Bambini
The image above shows how practical this great looking coat rack can be in a home. The bright colours look awesome against the white walls. I would like this coat rack or the Ohooks in my hallway!

Do you have any cool ideas for great looking coat hooks( I love to see great design in everything....from dining room chairs to pen holders. I love things to be both practical and pretty!
Fi xx

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deer Wall Hook

I have had this cute ceramic wall frame from Robert Gordon on my photo wall for ages without anything actually in the frame. I actually liked the look of the pretty empty frame against the other frames with photos in the them. But...the other day I spotted this pink deer wall hook in Typo and I just had to have it. Does anyone ever do that - see something and really like it but not actually know what to do with it? I knew that I would be able to put the wall hook to good use and I was thinking of putting it up in my office at work to hang my jackets on - or to put in Sophie's play room to hang her dress up things on....until I casually went past my empty picture frame!
 I knew then that the pink deer hook had found it's new home.
I love how the pink deer's head looks in this little frame. Woops! I promised hubby that I would not buy anymore pink homewares!! My little girl was funny the other day. We were browsing through some gorgeous kitchenwares at House and I spotted some gorgeous pale pink kitchen utensils. My little girl called out loudly "no more pink things mummy!".

The little print is from etsy. So true - home sweet home.

Here is another cute print from etsy which I have on my photo wall. There are so many wonderful prints available to purchase (at great prices) on etsy. 

While on the topic of etsy...and deer heads...I have just stumbled across this awesome ceramic moose (sort of like a deer??) head in turquoise and yellow! This moose head is by White Faux Taxidermy. Unfortunately, they only ship to the US but you could always visit their etsy shop and send them an email.

Image via White Faux Taxidermy
etsy shop.
Image via White Faux Taxidermy
etsy shop.
Here is another very cool faux taxidermy decor item ... this time from Lark (by Heico of Germany). How chic! The lamp can be ordered online too. I would love to put this lamp on my wish list but I already have a few faux deer heads in my house - one decal and another plywood. You can have too much of a good thing!
Image via Lark
Fi xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh Deer

Hubby hung a little picture for me after work today. I picked up this sweet little card from Typo. I have popped it into an Ikea frame (Ribba).
This pretty little picture is an unexpected piece of interest underneath a large print from I Need Nice Things. The space is in our hallway and we have a door that opens onto it so we have not been able to put a piece of furniture underneath it. The stool is in the hallway just for the photo.
I am also really pleased with this print from I Need Nice Things.The print is called The Collectables - Matches. I ordered this piece last year after seeing another piece of artwork (Deer Oh Deer) from the same online store whilst reading my favourite magazine - Real issue out March 19. Yay!

Image via I Need Nice Things Blog - Deer Oh Deer Print

This is the piece of artwork which I first spotted in the magazine Real Living. This image lead me to browse through the I Need Nice Things website. I love lots of the art work on this site. There is artwork available for most tastes ... and budgets!

Here is the piece that I bought. I just love all of the bright colours. I have also had a lot of friends and family think that the match boxes are real. The piece is done so that boxes look as if they are really stuck in the frame behind the glass - rather than just a print.

If you are looking for some fresh new art work for your place - check out the I Need Nice Things online shop. Here are some inspiring images from this very cool online art store.

All of the above images are from the I Need Nice Things blog. I love how these images can demonstrate how the art can work in a home but without taking the focus off the actual art work.
Fi xx

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cactus - New to our front garden

Wow! What a beautiful day it has been here today in my little home in Western Australia! was a bit hot outside but hubby still found the motivation to plant a cactus in our front garden bed. I have been wanting a cactus like this one for ages now! I am totally loving the look of the cactus against the rendered grey wall and the rainbow rock.

The photo above is of a cute little solar powered light which I picked up from Ikea. I think it is well suited to the new edition. Don't you?

I'll be back posting again soon.
Fi xx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Children's Party Invitations

The other day my daughter received a gorgeous party invitation in the mail. I love receiving sweet and creative party invitations. It got me thinking about my daughter's party invitation which I was able to download for free from the web - and how I should share this great find with you.

Here are some images of the very cute circus party invitations.

My daughter's party this year had a circus theme so I was stoked to find a free Donna Hay circus invitation to download. Click here to check out the craft templates from the Donna Hay  Kids's Magazine Annual 2011.

I simply printed this down load using my home printer and plain white printing paper. I then cut them out and popped them in little pale blue envelopes. Party guests thought they were great and they hardly cost a thing! Thanks Donna Hay!

I love kid's parties!! Please email me any cute photos you may have taken from a little party that you have had. You can email me at
Fi xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dining Chairs

I am thinking about purchasing some new dining chairs. We currently have replica Victoria Ghost Chairs (Holly Chairs)from Lettini's online store around our dining table. I love these chairs because they help create a sense of space and light in my dining room. But, now that my little girl is three and we love having her little friends over to visit - little hands seem to make these ghost chairs very dirty! Bless them! Yes - I am a bit of a clean freak so I am forever cleaning the chairs. 

I am thinking of getting either replica Xavier Pauchard dining chairs or replica Charles Eames dining chairs in a selection of bright colours. Or, I might get some of both styles. I'll keep you posted.

Image via Remodelista
These images are helping me to build up the courage to purchase some new dining chairs in a selection of colours. I will probably just buy one chair at a time. The image above looks great with the grey and pink together. In my opinion, the use of colour with the neutral tones in the rest of the scene helps to create a sophisticated space.

Image via Helt Enkelt Hos Mig
(Completely One With Me)
I like the mixture of chairs used in the image above. I think that I might try this.

Picture from Australian Vogue Living -
posted on I like, I wish, I heart...
If I was ever in doubt about the use of different coloured dining chairs - all I have to do is look at this image above. Just gorgeous! I really want the pink chair!!!!!!! I had not thought of getting a chair in black but the black chair looks great in the image above and helps to balance the overall scene.

Image posted on No End to Design
I would never had thought to use these colours together but in the image above - the colours just seem to work!
Image via the little honey bear
Hmmmmmm. Hot pink (or maybe fuschia). Need I say more. Love it!
Fi xx