Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pink Kitchen

Yay! My boss has just confirmed that we are getting a new kitchen at work. I am very excited about this....I wonder if we could get pink kitchen cabinets? Probably not. But - how pretty are the cabinets in this kitchen? This image is from a very cool website called Ikea Family Live. All images below are from this same website.
Maybe we could just get a pink fridge?? Hmmm...probably not.
This website is full of inspiration, ideas and design for your home. I love this website as it illustrates how you can use Ikea items in your home in a way that reflects a personal sense of style.

I am sure you'll also love this website. It has heaps of great images and reinforces to me that Ikea items can look so great in a home (without looking like everything has been bought from the same store).

Fi xx

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