Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pink and Red

My late grandmother always told me that red and pink should never go together - and she knew a thing or two about colours as she was a dress maker when she was younger. I would have loved to have been able to show my darling grandmother the images below which I came across this week. 
Image via Urban Kaleidoscope

I found myself checking out an awesome blog earlier today called Urban Kaleidoscope after reading about the blogger's home in the July edition of House and Garden. (On a side note - my daughter is so cute - I came home from work the other day and she had this magazine for me as a gift....but I had to buy it from her from a little magazine shop that she had set up in our living room!) I came across theses gorgeous images of interior designer's Josephine Gintzburger's kitchen posted on the Urban Kaleidoscope's very cool blog.
Image via Urban Kaleidoscope
Images via Urban Kaleidoscope
I just have to say it...I love, love, love the pink Smeg fridge!!!!! I would love this fridge in my kitchen. Maybe one day.

What do you think of the pink and red colour scheme?

Fi xx

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