Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cute Outdoor Eames Swing

A while ago I ordered an eames rocker chair but when the chair arrived the colour was not what I thought it would be. The staff at the online replica shop were great and just sent me another shell for the rocker. Awesome service! So, we have had a spare eames shell/seat sitting in our garage for a while now. Rather than have the shell just sit in our garage hubby decided to create a little swing out of it for our three year old.

The swing hangs from a metal beam that forms part of our outdoor patio roof. Hubby has intentionally made the swing hang low to the ground so that little ones can easily climb in and out of it.

I've just re read this post (after posting it) and I'm laughing at my little weed in the above image. Probably should have either pulled it out before the shot or retouched the image before posting. Woops. Well - it makes my artificial turf look authentic!

Little Miss Three Year Old is a bit hesitant about getting on the swing at the moment - but it has still had a lot of use. Hubby likes kicking back on it with a nice cold beverage!

What has been your latest upcycle project?

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