Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Pretty Cushions

Hubby trotted off to the post office the other day to pick up a parcel for me. Once the parcel was opened (the box had pretty little coloured sticky dots all over it - very cute) he said "no more cushions love!". But, once the very bright Castle cushions were set out on our comfy white Ikea lounge he quietly admitted that he in fact quite liked the new cushions - and that they were comfy too!

Here is Miss three year old playing with my ipad. I think she knows how to use it more than I do!
The cushion at the back is from Cath Kidston. I was going to move them off the lounge when my Castle cushions arrived but I now think that they look cool together.
I have been playing around with Picasa - so apologies that this image is a little blurry. I was going to cut the coffee table out of the image due to the uneaten three year old's lunch on it and toys...but hey - it looks authentic! Little Miss three year old explained that she did not want to move while I took some photos and that she was very comfortable just laying / hanging on the couch like this. Hmmm.

I included the above image as I was rather impressed that my chandelier ties in so well with the colours of the new Castle cushions. This was a complete fluke!

These lovely bright penny round cushions from Castle make me smile. Thanks Rachel Castle!
What makes you smile at the moment?

Fi xx

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