Sunday, May 20, 2012

I've been busy

Wow! I've been so busy this week. I have been doing some work from home and I have not even had time to leave the house all weekend! I have been stuck in front of my computer working. For little breaks in between working I have enjoyed browsing through my some photos stored on my computer.

I cam across this cute snap from my daughter's birthday party last year. I always spend heaps of time preparing for parties but I usually NEVER get a chance to take any good pics of all my hard work...just lots of great memories!

Apologies about the quality. I made up very cute little lolly bags using white noodle boxes and personalised each box with a name tag. Each box also has a sweet little Cath Kidston sticker on it. The basket has little gifts wrapped up for the "pass-the-basket". I thought that this game would flow a bit quicker as the game could continue whilst each child unwrapped their own present - without unwrapping the entire parcel (which I have seen done before).

I'll be back soon with some pics to show you from around my house - we have added a few little things lately.
Fi xx

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